Why Mabuchi

Mabuchi Package (M) Sdn Bhd is a reliable packaging solutions company of packing services and packaging materials in Malaysia. Established on 26 April 1991 with our headquarter in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Throughout the years, our company business has expanded at a steady growth as a packaging services and materials supplier in Malaysia, thus we have expanded our network of offices and manufacturing plants to Johor Bahru in order to serve customers better within the region in Malaysia.

Customers have chosen Mabuchi’s services of packaging solutions mainly due to various services that we are capable to offer. At Mabuchi, we emphasize on quality assurance by paying great attention in efficient customer service as well as in adopting quality materials in packing goods.

Our company has our team of professional designers who performs designs and drawings of the packaging and solutions for customers to gain a better perspective of the actual packing process.

Stringent quality control is another factor which is supervised closely by us at Mabuchi Package (Malaysia) as we want our performance to exceed customers’ expectations. Therefore, we are very particular and detailed to the quality control of our packaging service.

We take great responsibility to ensure timely delivery of our services which means that customers’ products are being packed and sent out in meet the specific pre planned schedule.

At Mabuchi, we do not compromise with just being good in our services but rather in providing our best in fulfil customers’ requirements as well as market competitiveness.

Ideal Partner in Packaging Solutions Innovative & Custom Packaging Ideas
It’s always Mabuchi when it comes to packaging solutions. We have the expertise and experience in designing the best packaging design for a vast variety of goods. Mabuchi offers comprehensive packaging ideas to customers while enhancing their business’ flow.

Safety & Quality Ensuring Safety of Goods At All Times Through Quality Handling
Mabuchi ensures great safety in handling customers’ goods during the packaging process. We also adopt high quality packaging materials and up-to-date equipment as our packing facilities. Customers can be assured by the quality service we provide as each packaging job is rendered by our experienced and skilled service team.

Proposal & Plan Proposing Creative Ideas & Solutions
Every packaging process is taken seriously with a systematic approach in Mabuchi. Upon receiving of order, our service team will work out a proposal and plan for customer. The proposal and plan would include measurements of goods, calculations, materials utilized for packaging as well as drawings that are performed by our professional designer.

Speed & Response Ensuring Promptness for Superior Performance
Prompt and dedicated customer service is our key competence in sustaining our business. Mabuchi provides customize packaging service to suit different requirements of customers depending on the nature of the goods for packaging. Customers can depend on us for timely delivery which meets their planned schedule of delivery.